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England media: china intend drone to cope with hazy weather, sprayed antifogging agent from sky


foreign media stated,China is testing a new type of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) to clean up the
smog.According to the website England <Daily Mail> reported on March 5,
this deviced will use to solve increasingly pollution crisis.Other scientists compared smog in
Beijing to the effect of a winterAVIC aerospace chairman Mayongsheng said,the drone esitmated is on trail at the airport and harbor.According to the report that.This project is carried by weather bureau and aeronautics
experts.AVIC aerospace companies research and develop china first Parafoil drone,it can carried
700 kg weight Fog dispersal catalyst,it can used in the scope of 5 km.several year, china use airplane and fixed-wing drone to sprinkle chemical make the contaminant condense,making it fall down the ground.this new drone of purchase cost and maintain cost is lower 20%-30%. Mayongsheng said the drone control is simple,no complex land is very suited work in airport and harbor.
he indicated, this drone is used for emergency rescue and relief,aerial survey and aerial
photograph and other activity.and more used in agriculture,sow crop seed in assigned area.

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